Planning of communication solutions for events

Our event communication planning services cover needs analyses, frequency collaboration and collaboration with authorities, interest group coordination (including external and internal security), frequency planning, investment analysis, procurement planning and contact with subcontractors in the following areas: VHF/UHF radiophones, GSM/3G, TETRA/VIRVE, WLAN/WiMAX and other individual technologies that use the radio interface, such as wireless cameras

VHF and UHF radiophones and systems

We rent, sell, install and maintain radiophones and radiophone systems for event organizers. Radiophones are suitable for intensive one-to-many and many-to-one communications independently of a telecommunications network. At events, radiophones are typically used by security and administrative personnel, catering, maintenance and repair services, stage and backstage staff, support services and various interest groups.

Our rental selection includes more than 300 UHF and VHF radiophones and a variety of accessories, such as in-ear receivers, microphone speakers and ear defenders with microphones. In addition, we offer wireless Bluetooth ear defenders with microphones and other headsets.

Crisis communication solutions

Our service selection includes connecting radio phones or other communication devices to a public telephone network, command center or public authority network. With our solutions, all radio frequencies in use can be reserved for emergency communications for rescue purposes, such as evacuation.

Command and communication center solutions

Our mobile communication centers and communication center solutions set up in locations such as control rooms are equipped with control systems for radio devices, wireless systems and telephone connections.

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We have supplied radiophones and radiophone systems for numerous large-scale events in Finland, including concerts, festivals and major sports competitions, such as European and world championships. Also, our experience extends to trade fairs, camps and other similar events.