Egant 2-Way Power Splitter 150-2200MHz

Egant 2-Way Power Splitter 150-2200MHz

High bandwidth, 150 - 2200 MHz

Design highlights:

  • Low insertion loss
  • Low intermodulation
  • Easy installation
  • No active components (robust design)

Splits signals in 2 ways

The power splitter is designed to equally split one input signal into 2 outputs. When building an indoor coverage system the splitter is often used to split signals between floors and antennas. The functionality of handling both transmitting and receiving signals in the same path is highly benefi cial since the TX signal is split and the RX signal is combined in the same stage and component.

Electrical Specifications

2-Way Power Splitter
Product number:    EG 500 8052
Passband:    150 - 2200 MHz

Input return loss:    
150-376MHz    > 10,8 dB
376-2200MHz    > 18 dB

Split loss:    < 3.0 dB

Dissipative loss 150-376MHz:    < 0.35 dB
Dissipative loss 376-2200MHz:    < 0.4 dB

Max input power/port:    500 W avg.
3 kW peak
3rd order intermodulation:    
IM3, 2 x 43 dBm:    < - 117 dBm, 160 dBc

Impedance in/out:    50 Ohm

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D):    260 x 58 x 26 mm
Connectors:    N (f)
Weight:    0.45 kg

Product details

SKU: Egant_EG_500_8052
Product Weight: 0.5 kg
Product Length: 300 mm
Product Width: 70 mm
Height: 40 mm
pcs. / pkg: 1