Hytera Intrinsically Safe Throat-vibrating Headset

Hytera Intrinsically Safe Throat-vibrating Headset

Product Type: ELN05-Ex

Product Features:

1) pick up sound through the throat vibration signal from external noise environmental impact, to ensure call clarity;
2) elastic neck strap is soft and comfortable, easy to adjust, detachable cleaning;
3) Large PTT, to facilitate the launch strike through the hands, elbows or water gun;
4) throat conduction components with large PTT quick connector to respond to emergencies fast and easy plug;
5) IP55 dust and waterproof rating (PTT part).
Applicable industry and occasion: an emergency rescue, special forces, large event security personnel and so on.
Adaptable models: PD790 Ex

Speaker Specifications

Sensitivity: 55dB @ 1KHz 780mVpp/20mm;
Speaker Impedance: 800Ω ± 15% @ 1KHZ

Microphone Specifications

Impedance: 3900Ω @ 1KHz;

Large PTT specifications

Weight: 120g (without clip);
Dimensions: 76 (diameter) * 17 (thickness) mm;
Dustproof and waterproof: IP55
Operating temperature: -25 to 63 ° C

Product details

SKU: Hytera_ELN05-Ex
Product Weight: 0.3 kg

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