Vertex Standard VXD-R70 Repeater

Vertex Standard VXD-R70 Repeater

Physical Specs

  • Operates in both Analog and Digital
  • 3 Bandsplits: 136-174, 403-470, 450-512 MHz
  • 512 Channels
  • 16 Character Display
  • 4 Programmable Buttons + Emergency
  • High Power and Low Power Options
  • Vertex Standard Mobile Accessory Compatible

Signaling Features

  • Operates in Both Digital and Analog Modes
  • Compatible with TDMA solutions
  • Text Messaging – Radio to Radio
  • Full Scanning Suite: Priority/Dual Priority, Scan Set and Dynamic Mixed Mode Scanning (Scan both Analog and Digital Channels)
  • Basic Privacy
  • MDC1200 Signaling in Analog (Call Alert, PTT-ID, Emergency)
  • Digital Signaling Features (Call Alert, Private Call, PTT-ID, Emergency, Selective Radio Inhibit, Radio Check and Radio Monitor)

Product details

Product Weight: 5 kg