Hytera PD785 Portable Digital Radio (UHF) with GPS

Hytera PD785 Portable Digital Radio (UHF) with GPS

Radio features

* Up to 1024 channels
* 12.5/20/25 selectable channel spacing
* Channel Scan supporting mixed mode scanning( analog & digital channel)
* IP67 and MIL-STD-810 F to ensure outstanding performance in harsh environments
* Supporting Global Positioning System(GPS)(PD785G series only)
* Digital voice call function
* Digital text message function (preprogrammable message and editable message)
* Supplymental services (remote monitor, radio enable, radio disable, call alert)
* Man Down (factory optional)
* Lone worker
* Basic Scrambler and Encryption
* Advanced Encryption(optional)
* Pseudo trunk operation (DMO&RMO)
* Multi-Site Roaming (optional)
* Supporting Option Board Interface
* Channel Change Voice Notification
* 5 tone , HDC1200, 2 tone signalling selectable ( in analogue mode)
* Analogue & Digital DTMF
* One touch call/text message/supplymental services
* Telemetry
* Home screen dial
* Multi-language menu display
* Vibration
* Power on & off user logo programming
* Analogue & Digital Emergency

Standard pakage

* Radio 1pc
* Li-ion Battery (2000mAh) 1pc
* MCU Single Unit Charger 1pc
* Switching Power Adapter 1pc
* Standard UHF or VHF Antenna 1pc
* Leather Strap 1pc
* Belt Clip 1pc
* User Mannual 1pc

All Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development.

Product details

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Product Weight: 0.6 kg

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