K40 TR40B (K40 Trucker) CB Mobile antenna

K40 TR40B (K40 Trucker) CB Mobile antenna

Features include:

-7000 Watts AM power handling capability (ICAS).
-Frequency range 26-30 MHz.
-1.6 MHz bandwidth.
-1/4 wave length design.
-Tunable design.
-Designed for CB and 10 meter radios.
-Special design for weather band reception.
-Can be used as a single antenna or co-phased for dual antennas.
-10 shaft length with 3/8 x 24 threads.
-Solid 8 gauge 100% silver plated wire for maximum efficiency.
-49 stainless 17-7 ph tapered whip.
-Radiused 180� tip for maximum range and clarity.
-Chrome plated whip adapter.
-Ultrasonically sealed housing eliminates corrosion caused by water.
-Exclusive computer aided MetlPlas process molds metal and thermoplastic into a single part for maximum reliability.
-Full 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Product details

SKU: K40_TR40B
Product Weight: 0.73 kg
Product Length: 1270 mm
Product Width: 130 mm
Height: 70 mm