Direct sales and package rentals to over 60 counties in all continents. Pioneering in World Wide Web sales of Communication products for over ten years.

We welcome our customers to shop and enjoy the selected picks of featured products in the Consumer, Hobby and Professional line of receivers, transceivers and related accessories.

If you can not find what you are looking for in the web catalog – our Wireless Solutions team will assist you further to meet your requirements.


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Bandercom Value Added Reseller & developer program is a strategic affiliation with #1 oriented wholesaling, OEM, managing and engineering company in the field of Communication systems, equipment and accessories from Hobby, Amateur and Consumer to Professional and Mission-Critical applications.

The main line of Partnership is in distribution of license free two-way radios, receivers and professional PMR/ LMR products and accessories thru Partnership outlets in Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics.

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Sense making, QoS featured and value added Wireless Solutions for tomorrow's demands. Designed, engineered and deployed to the tightest and toughest applications in Commercial, Governmental, Military and Public Safety Mission-Critical tasks around the World.

Specializing in Interoperability products, VoIP and RoIP system integration, Satellite Comms, LMR/ PMR, Marine and Off-shore, rapidly deployable, mobile or tactical communication & command center products and more. Beyond the system integrator role Bandercom WS works as a vendor neutral agency, assisting and consulting in various procurement processes and is devoted to top-notch engineering and designing of radio networks, such as TETRA, WiFi and legacy two-way radio systems.

You will find find this and much more in the Bandercom WS portfolio.

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